Episode 10040 - Monday, November 26th, 2012
Posted on Nov 26, 2012 03:00pm

Nikki and Victor welcome Victoria home. Victor praises Nick, but threatens Billy to get him to leave. Later, Victoria questions Victor about Billy’s whereabouts.
Victor confesses to Nikki that Billy knew he was in Los Angeles, and let Victoria believe he was missing. Meanwhile, Victoria has a nightmare and Billy returns and struggles to put her at ease. Once she calms down, he hugs her and admits he is to blame for what has happened.
Jack is delighted to see Kyle back in town. Kyle updates Jack on Abby, Ashley, and Traci and wonders why he didn’t inform them about his surgery. Billy visits and blames Jack for Victoria being kidnapped.
Avery informs Nick that Faith and Summer came over for dinner. Nick confesses that he wants to spend every second with Avery and they passionately kiss.
Kevin overhears Michael and Chloe talking and assumes they are talking about him being a disappointment. Tucker reveals that Adam offered him his shares of TagNGrab and that he is buying out Kevin and Chloe. Later, Kevin goes to Adam’s house and yells at Adam for ruining his company.
Nina reveals to Paul that she is going back to Los Angeles. Later, Christine confesses to Paul that she’s falling back in love with him. Paul reveals he no longer wants to be a private investigator.