Episode 10042 - Wednesday, November 28th, 2012
Posted on Nov 28, 2012 03:00pm

Jack informs Kyle that people are treating him like a delicate flower. They agree to go to lunch and Jack takes several pills. Tucker confronts Jack about being back at work.
Summer informs Phyllis that she tried calling her on Thanksgiving, but she couldn’t get through to her so she went to Avery’s. Summer asks if Phyllis feels like she is betraying the family by working with Jack. When Ronan enters, Phyllis swears that she didn’t know he would be there. Summer takes Phyllis at her word and asks Ronan about Jaime.
After Summer leaves, Ronan informs Phyllis he’s leaving for D.C. He takes her hand as Jack enters with Kyle. Jack sees Phyllis with Ronan and asks Kyle to take him home. Later, Phyllis finds Jack on the sofa at the Abbott mansion and questions him about the pills he took.
Avery finds Nick making breakfast in her kitchen. Avery worries about what Phyllis will think about their relationship. They discuss ideas for a new career for Nick. Summer drops by to look for a ring she left behind and is surprised to see Nick. Later, Summer runs into Jamie and he reveals he’s still getting mean text messages. Summer calls Fen and asks what he’s been doing to Jamie.
Jill opens up to Lauren about her partnership with Katherine. Lauren asks Jill not overdo it and to leave room in her schedule to date. Chloe arrives to see Esther and discusses her troubles with Kevin to Jill and Lauren. Jill cynically suggests that she get a divorce. Later, Tucker arrives and asks Jill to dinner.
Kevin asks Michael for a loan and he reluctantly loans Kevin the money. Chloe reminds Kevin that they still have other bills to pay. Chloe informs Kevin that they’ll figure everything out together.
Christine informs Paul she is going to New York to meet with Danny. Christine suggests Paul take advantage of the time so he can figure out exactly what he wants. He reveals that he wants her and they kiss.