Episode 10043 - Thursday, November 29th, 2012
Posted on Nov 29, 2012 03:00pm

Phyllis is alarmed that Jack doesn’t know how many pills he has taken. Jack reveals that he saw her with Ronan at lunch and thinks she can do better. Later, Kyle thanks Phyllis for what she’s done for Jack. Phyllis thinks it’s time for her to move back home, but Kyle thinks it’s too soon.
Jack has a nightmare and awakens to Victor ringing his doorbell. Victor demands Jack help Billy accept the inevitable when it comes to Victoria. Later, Jack takes more pills. When Phyllis returns, she informs Jack she is moving out.
Victor thinks it would help Victoria if Nick could regain control of Newman, but Nick refuses. Victor researches the drug that Jack has been taking. Later, Victor reveals to Victoria that Billy knew he was in Los Angeles.
Nick learns that Summer has been ditching school. Meanwhile, Fen watches Michael talking with Jamie and resents their connection. Fen informs Jamie that he’s seeing Summer and to back off. Fen moves past Jamie and sends him another hurtful text message.