Episode 10045 - Monday, December 3rd, 2012
Posted on Dec 3, 2012 03:00pm

Avery has a surprise for Nick. Avery takes Nick to a nightclub that is for sale and suggests that he buy the place. Nick goes home and finds an email from Avery with pictures of the club.
Victoria expresses to Billy how hurt she is that he lied to her about Victor being in Los Angeles. Billy tries to get Victoria to open up about her kidnapping. Jack arrives and informs Victoria he wasn’t aware she had been hurt. After his confrontation with Billy and Victoria, Jack takes a few more pills.
Kyle tries to persuade Phyllis to stay at the Abbott mansion, but she refuses. Kyle suggests that Jack let him work with Phyllis in Research and Development. Kyle questions Jack on his relationship with Billy.
Adam and Chelsea get into a heated argument about Sharon’s presence in their lives. At the office, Victor gives Adam a printout of the details about Jack’s painkillers. Phyllis confronts Adam about Victor being at the office. Later, Phyllis sneaks into Adam’s office and finds the pharmaceutical information on Jack’s medication.
Chelsea bumps into Nikki and asks if she’s had any leads on who started the fire. Nikki apologizes for being rude to Chelsea and wishes her the best of luck. Nikki informs Victor that their penthouse is ready and suggests they host a party.
Sharon confesses to Dr. Watkins that Chelsea knows about the fire at the Newman ranch. Sharon only feels safe with Adam, but she knows she can’t keep relying on him. Adam goes to Sharon’s and she informs him that she needs to cut ties with him. They hug and share a thoughtful goodbye.