Episode 10047 - Wednesday, December 5th, 2012
Posted on Dec 5, 2012 03:00pm

Nikki brings Victor into the penthouse for the first time. She plays a song on their new piano and asks Victor if he’ll spend more time relaxing with her. Nikki expresses concerns that Nick and Victoria will not show up to their party after the way Victor has treated them.
Nick confronts Sharon about why she didn’t let anyone know she’s been home. Sharon reveals to Nick she was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. Later, Sharon informs Adam that she wants to apologize to Victor. Victor invites Adam and Chelsea to his party.
Jack informs Adam he’s considering folding Jabot into Newman Enterprises. Adam realizes that Jack’s medication is clouding his judgment. Kyle asks Phyllis if they can put the past behind them and work together. Later, Eden asks why Kyle’s been avoiding her.
Phyllis and Avery express their concerns about the way Jack was acting in their meeting, but Adam defends him. Jack takes two more pills when no one is watching. Phyllis asks Adam what he was doing with information on Jack’s pain pills. Nick informs Avery he’s upset because Sharon turned to Adam for help. Later, Nikki invites Nick to their party.