Episode 10048 - Thursday, December 6th, 2012
Posted on Dec 6, 2012 03:00pm

Billy encourages Victoria to go to Nikki and Victor’s party. Victoria struggles with her feelings for Billy and decides to go to the party. Later, Billy prepares a surprise for Victoria.
Avery worries about attending Nikki and Victor’s party with Nick. Nick informs her he wants everyone to know they are together.
Noah looks in his duffel bag at a note from Adriana that says ‘Too much trouble’. Noah leaves a voicemail for Adriana to call him.
Lauren is troubled that Michael agreed to go to Victor’s party on their anniversary. When Michael asks if something happened with Summer, Fen gets upset and storms off.
Adam informs Chelsea that he won’t be attending Victor and Nikki’s. Chelsea senses that the party has Adam curious and she asks him if he has second thoughts about not going.
Nikki and Victor prepare for the party. Nikki informs Victor that Abby can’t make it, but she sent Carmine to be their bartender. Nikki is surprised to learn that Victor invited Adam and Chelsea when they arrive. Chelsea is affected by Summer’s arrival. Victor thanks everyone for coming and toasts the Newman family. Victor is stunned when he answers the door and finds Sharon.