Episode 10049 - Friday, December 7th, 2012
Posted on Dec 7, 2012 04:00pm

Jack tries to get a refill on his prescription. The doctor is reluctant, but Jack pulls out cash and asks him if it is enough to ease his conscience.
Kevin checks his bank account and convinces himself that using TagNGrab’s money to cover his mortgage is the right decision. An NYPD officer named Alex approaches Kevin and asks if he knows how to find Noah Newman. Later, Alex goes to the tack house and introduces himself to Noah and questions him on Adriana.
Sharon informs everyone that she wants to make amends, but Victor asks her to leave. A rattled Sharon insists that she never meant to hurt anyone. Sharon leaves as Adam chases after her. Later, Nikki informs Victor she is disappointed that he used the party to try and get their kids to focus on Newman Enterprises. Meanwhile, Victoria goes home to find her home transformed into a Jamaican beach.
Sharon asks Adam to stop being her savior and that she needs to stop depending on him. Sharon gets overwhelmed and tries to push Adam out. They get caught up in the moment and end up in a tender kiss as Chelsea arrives.