Episode 10051 - Tuesday, December 11th, 2012
Posted on Dec 11, 2012 03:00pm

Nikki threatens Sharon that she’ll be arrested for arson. Sharon continues to deny her involvement with the fire. Meanwhile, Nick reminds Victor that Chelsea used to be a con artist and that she may want to get rid of her competition, Sharon. Later, Sharon searches online and sees that the police still do not have a suspect. Sharon is convinced that Chelsea is the source of Nikki’s new information.

Chelsea reluctantly admits to Adam that she told Victor and Nikki about Sharon. Adam says that Sharon shouldn’t go to prison and lose her children because of Chelsea’s insecurities. Meanwhile, Victor informs Nikki that he intends to press charges against Sharon with or without Chelsea’s help. Victor comes to the realization that Adam must have started the other fires to protect Sharon.

Neil discovers that Devon and Lily have taken it upon themselves to lighten the mood at Jabot. Neil agrees to give the new vibe a try.

Christine informs Paul that she ended things with Danny. Christine reveals she is moving back to Genoa City.