Episode 10053 - Thursday, December 13th, 2012
Posted on Dec 13, 2012 03:00pm

John informs Jack that taking pills won’t make his loneliness go away. Later, Adam is alarmed to find Jack drinking at the bar and reminds Jack that Victor is trying to get back Newman.

Fen watches Jamie talking to Summer. Jamie gets a text message and realizes that Summer isn’t the one sending them. Jamie learns that his dad has been arrested for a DUI and that he’ll be put in foster care. Later, Jamie opens up to Summer about his father and Jamie kisses her.

Adam informs Chelsea that Sharon had an excuse for the way she’s acted. Adam reminds her they fell in love because they were flawed and both wanted to be better people.

Chloe informs Kevin that he needs to put the money back in the TagNGrab account or they’ll end up in trouble with Tucker. Kevin reluctantly transfers the money back into the account. Later, Chloe offers to let Chelsea stay at her house, but advises her to get Sharon out of the picture to save her marriage.

Avery realizes that someone has been through the letters in her storage unit. Summer admits that she went in the unit and Avery asks her to keep the contents of her letters to herself.