Episode 10055 - Tuesday, December 18th, 2012
Posted on Dec 18, 2012 03:00pm

As Sharon packs, Faith questions her about when they will be coming back. Faith wants to look for her doll, but they leave. Meanwhile, Nick reveals to Avery that he bought the club. Later, Nick shows up at Sharon’s apartment, but there is no answer. Sharon tries to get Faith excited for their new adventure, but Faith just wants her doll.

Adriana calls Noah wanting to come over, but he demands she stay away.

Michael plans a belated anniversary surprise for Lauren. Carmine brings a bottle of champagne to Michael’s table, but he refuses it. Michael excuses himself and Carmine apologizes to Lauren for offending Michael. Later, Michael surprises Lauren with a romantic set up in their apartment. Lauren opens an envelope with a handwritten love letter. Michael recites it out loud.

Alex questions Carmine about seeing him in New York. Carmine lies and says he grew up in Detroit. Alex shows Carmine a picture and asks if he’s ever seen the girl in the photo.

Nikki tries to get Chelsea to meet with the arson investigator. Chelsea explains it’s a threat to her marriage. Nikki informs Chelsea that a hotel has confirmed Sharon was in Chicago at the time of the fire and there are witnesses. Meanwhile, Adam informs Victor he will never be able to prove he hired the arsonist. Victor tries to make a deal with Adam to help him take down Jack.

Neil informs Leslie that Jack plans to fold Neman into Jabot and suspects he’ll become second in command. Meanwhile, Adam warns Jack that if he doesn’t get off of the pills, Victor will take Newman away. Victor informs Nikki they won’t be pursuing a case against Sharon anymore.

Mason comes in with paperwork for Jack to sign, but Jack is sure he has seen the document on his desk before. Jack asks Mason if he forgot to sign it.