Episode 10056 - Wednesday, December 19th, 2012
Posted on Dec 19, 2012 03:00pm

Nick informs Avery he thinks Sharon took off with Faith. Just as Nick is about to call the police, Faith runs in and goes straight for her doll. Sharon admits to Nick that she was taking Faith and running away. Sharon explains to Nick that she’s afraid of Victor. Avery informs Sharon she is willing to help her.

Avery and Nick start to get hot and heavy when Phyllis suddenly knocks on the door. Phyllis informs Nick they should plan something for Summer’s birthday.

Adam informs Chelsea his feelings have changed and she says she wants a divorce. Chelsea suggests Adam blames her for losing the baby and that Sharon is his distraction. Adam goes to stay at the club and Chelsea breaks down.

Chloe gives Kevin a gift for giving Tucker his money back. Chloe invites Chelsea to stay with her and Kevin. Chelsea informs Jeff that she and Adam are getting a divorce. Jeff tries to give Chelsea fatherly advice. Chloe informs Gloria about the business and asks Gloria if she’d like to invest.

Sharon informs Adam that Avery agreed to be her attorney. Adam says she won’t need her because he got Victor to agree not to go after her anymore. Adam confesses his marriage with Chelsea is over.

Jack invites Phyllis to an apology dinner. He asks her to go with him to Chicago for business, but she refuses. Jack reveals that he quit taking his pills and Phyllis says she will support him through withdrawals. Later, Jack tries to concentrate on his work, but gives in and takes a pill.

Lily and Cane leave messages on each other’s phones, than run into each other at Jabot. Lily informs Cane she’s conflicted about not staying home with the kids. Cane suggests asking Neil to open a daycare at the office.