Episode 10057 - Thursday, December 20th, 2012
Posted on Dec 20, 2012 03:00pm

Adam finds Jack passed out on the sofa. When he wakes Jack up, Jack informs Adam he was working on the presentation late. Adam takes the pill bottle to make Jack come to him if he needs one.

Chelsea informs Chloe she can’t do their business, but Chloe insists that focusing on this business will be good for Chelsea. Adam calls Chelsea and wants to talk. Adam informs Chelsea he is throwing out the pre-nup because he wants her to be taken care of. Meanwhile, Gloria informs Chloe she is not going to invest.

Nikki goes through a wedding album of her and Victor as newlyweds. Victor explains that although most of their photos were lost in the fire, he was able to find these through family and friends.

Sharon informs Dr. Watkins how she decided to bring Faith back after she wanted to run away with her. Dr. Watkins explains that her moment of clarity is an indication that the medicine is starting to work.

Katherine finds out Tucker spent the night with Jill. Katherine is frustrated that Jill would be with Tucker when he repeatedly hurt her. Katherine suddenly collapses, but Jill thinks she’s faking it again and leaves.

An irritated Jack confronts Neil about the changes to Jabot. Leslie’s brother, Tyler meets with Neil and his team at Jabot. Cane notices most of Tyler’s presentation was directed to Lily. Jack becomes increasingly anxious and informs Neil he doesn’t want him ruining his family’s company. Later, Leslie learns Neil quit his job.

Adam tries to find out who leaked the information about Jack’s drug addiction. Jack asks Adam for a pill, but Adam isn’t so quick to give him what he wants. Adam gives in to Jack and gives him one pill. Adam informs Phyllis that Jack isn’t going to make it to Chicago.