Episode 10058 - Friday, December 21st, 2012
Posted on Dec 21, 2012 03:00pm

Jamie informs Michael and Lauren that his social worker is sending him to a group home. Lauren hugs Jamie as Fen enters. Michael invites Jamie to stay with them. Jamie is hesitant, but Fen insists.

At Summer’s birthday dinner, Nick and Summer are waiting for Phyllis since her plane is delayed. Summer invites Avery to join them, but Avery declines. Nick gives Summer a birthday gift, a set keys to her new car. When Avery’s meeting is cancelled, Summer and Nick convince her to join them. Phyllis arrives to see Avery, Nick and Summer finished with their meals. Summer is delighted to see Phyllis made it. Phyllis gives Summer her present. It’s a necklace with an infinity charm, symbolizing Phyllis and Nick’s love for her.

Jill gets a jolt of fear when she realizes Katherine is unconscious. Jill tries to revive Katherine. Katherine stirs and moans before she can dial 9-1-1. Later, the doctor informs Katherine to rest and she will be fine. Katherine informs Jill she caused this by letting Tucker stay the night.

Leslie tries to convince Neil to ask Jack for his job back. Neil thinks Jack is acting out of character. Meanwhile, Jack sets up a press conference. Kyle informs Jack he needs to be worrying about his health instead of what people are finding out about him in an article. Jack then realizes that Kyle was the one who leaked his drug addiction to the internet.

Summer reads an apology card from Jamie about their kiss. Fen becomes livid after seeing it. Jamie watches through the window and realizes he has ruined any progress he made with Fen. Lauren discovers Fen’s burner cell phone.