Episode 10059 - Monday, December 24th, 2012
Posted on Dec 24, 2012 03:00pm

Victor asks for Victoria’s help in planning his and Nikki’s wedding. Victor asks if she can put her feelings aside until after the wedding and holidays. Victor informs Billy he should accept the truce. Victoria explains to Billy she thinks her father was being sincere. Victoria wants to stay and spend Christmas with her family.

Sharon learns Adam hired an arsonist to set the fires. Adam confides in her that Victor wants his company back and all he has to do is take down Jack. They decide to take down Jack before he folds Jabot into Newman. Sharon wonders how they can accomplish this without Jack catching on. Adam assures her he knows his weakness. Later, Jack goes to get a pen from the drawer and sees his pill bottle. As Adam watches through the door, Jack stares at the pills and puts them back.

Lily gushes over Tyler’s campaign and finally Cane steps in. Lily leaves and Cane confronts Tyler about working at the company. Lily asks Cane if Tyler got the job and Cane informs her that he doesn’t think it’s what they’re looking for. Lily defends Tyler’s work and thinks they should hire him. Later, Neil informs Cane to hire Tyler.

Neil apologizes to Jack and asks for his job back. Jack informs him they both could have handled things better. Neil asks Jack if he has been abusing drugs and Jack denies it. Neil tries to get Jack to open up about his addiction.