Episode 10060 - Tuesday, December 25th, 2012
Posted on Dec 25, 2012 03:00pm

Phyllis invites Avery to spend Christmas Eve with her and Summer. Avery asks Summer about her kiss with Jaime. Summer explains she’s caught in the middle between him and Fen. When Summer says she’d rather take advice from Avery over Phyllis, Phyllis brings up Avery’s divorce. Later, Summer sees Noah with the duffel bag full of money as he calls Adriana.

Nick and Sharon spend time with Noah and Faith. Later, Avery and Nick exchange gifts and enjoy a romantic evening.

When Jack arrives at Billy and Victoria’s with gifts, Billy tries to convince Jack to go back to Jabot. Later, Victoria persuades Billy to come with her to Christmas dinner at Nikki and Victor’s.

Jack informs Phyllis he will prove to her that he stopped taking pills. Jack informs his employees that he has merged Jabot with Newman. Back at home, Jack is haunted by John.

Chloe informs Chelsea that Gloria won’t be investing in their company. Chloe suggests that Chelsea reconsider Adam’s settlement offer. Later, Chloe suggests Adam should back Chelsea’s new business as a silent partner.

Sharon arrives at Adam’s to spend Christmas with him.