Episode 10062 - Thursday, December 27th, 2012
Posted on Dec 27, 2012 03:00pm

Adam gives Chelsea a book called Scenes from an American Family and says that he hopes she sees it as a symbol of what they could still have together. Adam opens his gift and finds emerald cuff links and studs. When Adam informs Chelsea that Sharon helped him realize that he shouldn’t screw up his marriage, Chelsea misunderstands and thinks Adam wants to be with her because Sharon rejected him.

The Newmans celebrate Christmas at Nikki and Victor’s penthouse. Billy leaves with the kids after a tense conversation with Victor. When Victoria asks Victor what he did to offend Billy, Victor says that Billy doesn’t have plans for the future. Victoria leaves as Nikki scolds Victor. Victoria apologizes to Billy for Victor’s behavior.

Victor goes to Adam’s and gives him a bottle of tequila and Jack’s pills. Adam realizes that Victor wants him to use Jack’s pills against him. Victor reminds Adam that he can easily throw Sharon and him in jail.

Kevin asks Alex if he has had any luck tracking down Noah. Kevin fills Chloe in on the details about Alex and thinks there is a connection to Noah and this girl Alex’s looking for. Chloe shows Kevin a magazine ad for reward money to whoever finds the missing cash. Later, Michael finds Jamie with cuts and bruises on his face and insists that he come home with him.

The Winters family dine at the Athletic Club. Cane is bothered as Neil invites Tyler to join them. When Cane informs Lily that Tyler has a crush on her, Lily says he has nothing to worry about.

Tucker arrives at the Chancellor mansion with a bag full of presents. Tucker informs Katherine he was hoping they could set their differences aside for one day. Katherine informs Cane that she is having dinner with Tucker because he wants to make peace.