Episode 10065 - Tuesday, January 1st, 2013
Posted on Jan 1, 2013 03:00pm

Nick gives Avery a new dress and takes her to The Underground for a sneak preview. He reveals a plaque on the wall that reads, “Reserved for Avery”. They count down the New Year together and share a romantic kiss.

At the Athletic Club, Chelsea sits next to Alex and he buys her a drink. Chelsea flirts for a moment, but gets nervous and hurries out. Chelsea goes home and finds that Adam has prepared a romantic dinner for them. When Chelsea asks Adam to leave Genoa City with her, he agrees.

Victoria and Billy enjoy game night and movies at their house. Victoria informs Billy that being fired from Jack’s company might be one of the best things that could have happened to him. They move upstairs to make love as the New Year begins.

Michael and Lauren wonder why Fen has become so jealous of Jamie. At the tack house, Jamie informs Summer that he is leaving town and that she should come with him. Fen arrives and see’s Jamie and Summer hugging. Fen shocks Jamie and reveals that Summer is really Brittni, the girl who started harassing him online.

Nikki and Victor celebrate New Year’s Eve with Michael and Lauren. Victor promises to win his company back in the New Year. Later, Victor and Nikki dance and share a New Year’s Eve kiss.

At the athletic club, Jack informs Phyllis he thought he could trust her, but instead she staged an intervention against him. She leaves as he insists that he’s not hooked on pills. Daniel reveals to Phyllis that he’s moving with Lucy and suggests that Phyllis join them. Meanwhile, Jack meets a beautiful redhead named Stephanie. An intoxicated Jack kisses Stephanie as they ring in the New Year.