Episode 10066 - Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013
Posted on Jan 2, 2013 03:00pm

As Kevin looks over his empty bank account, Chloe informs Kevin she is ready for their stakeout. When Kevin tries to talk her out of it, Chloe reminds Kevin that the money doesn’t belong to Noah either. Meanwhile, Alex admits to Noah that Adriana stole half a million dollars and sent it to him. Noah goes back home and is shocked to find the money gone. Meanwhile, as Kevin tries his luck with scratch off lottery tickets, Chloe returns with the duffel bag full of cash.

Summer apologizes to Avery for ruining her New Year’s, but stays mum about the details of her fight with Fen and Jamie. Summer leaves a voicemail for Jamie and tries to apologize.

Adam and Chelsea discuss leaving Genoa City. Adam informs Chelsea they can move abroad and find a studio for her to work. Before they can finish discussing options, Adam receives a call from Jack and leaves to help him. Chloe tries to convince Chelsea that Adam is not right for her.

Jack wakes up with the red haired women he met the night before passed out on the floor. Adam goes through the woman’s purse for information and asks Jack if he gave her any pills. Adam informs the press Jack experienced severe chest pains and has been taken to the hospital as a precaution. Adam wants Jack to go to rehab and get clean. When Jack refuses, Adam threatens to go to the press about the prostitute. Phyllis arrives and questions Jack about his heart attack. Jack admits that he needs help.

Later, Adam informs Chelsea they can’t leave town because he might have to run Newman Enterprises during Jack’s absence.