Episode 10067 - Thursday, January 3rd, 2013
Posted on Jan 3, 2013 03:00pm

Victor hands the investigator a picture of Stephanie and worries that she may have told Adam that he hired her. Meanwhile, Jack breaks down and pleads for Phyllis’ help. Billy arrives and Jack asks him to take over at Newman while he is gone and to work with Adam. Adam reveals to Jack that Stephanie’s death wasn’t his fault. When Victor arrives, Jack informs him that he is going away for a while and Adam will be running the company in his absence.

Billy informs Victoria that Jack wants him to step in at Newman. Victoria tries to convince Billy that she helps Victor because she loves him, but Billy maintains that Victor continually manipulates her.

Adam informs Chelsea that he wants to start over with her, but he needs to help cover for Jack at Newman. Chelsea asks Adam why the company is more important than their relationship.

Sharon asks Cane if he has reservations about hiring her at Jabot. Cane is hesitant, but Sharon is confident she can handle it. Chelsea arrives and informs Sharon that she and Adam are leaving Genoa City. Later, when Sharon asks Adam if it’s true he’s leaving town, Adam says yes.

Tyler watches as Lily says goodbye to Daniel. Lily informs Cane she is worried about Neil because he’s not answering his phone. Meanwhile, Neil asks Leslie if she is having second thoughts about their night together. Later, Neil accepts Cane’s offer to go back to Jabot.

Phyllis fills Daniel in on Jack’s addiction and says that she can’t go to Savannah with him. Daniel and Phyllis say goodbye. Phyllis goes to Jack’s as he searches for information on Stephanie. When Phyllis asks him how many pills he’s taken, Jack firmly says none, but admits he wants one desperately.