Episode 10068 - Friday, January 4th, 2013
Posted on Jan 4, 2013 03:00pm

Victor’s investigator informs him that Stephanie is Congressman Scott Wheeler’s daughter. Victor orders the investigator to find out what happened to her. At Newman Enterprises, Victor pressures Mason to give him information on Jack’s whereabouts. When Victor learns that Stephanie died from an overdose of ecstasy and alcohol, he orders his investigator to find out if the body was moved post-mortem.

Nick informs Sharon that he’s planning on visiting the cemetery for Cassie’s birthday. Noah asks Summer what she did with the money and she insists that she never touched it. Noah fears the worst as Summer suggests that someone took it. Alex informs Nick that Noah should trust the cops and not Adriana. Noah gets a text from Adriana saying she is in town and will see him soon.

Michael informs Paul that Fen has been hostile towards Jamie. When Michael recalls the bad things he did as a kid, Paul reminds Michael that he’s a changed man. Paul reassures Michael that they’ll find Jamie and that Fen is just a kid acting out. At the coffeehouse, Michael and Paul break up Fen and Summer’s argument. Paul realizes that Summer is involved somehow.

Kevin and Chloe ponder their next move as they look over the duffle bag full of cash. Later, Kevin and Chloe happily make love around all of the money and decide to keep it.