Episode 10069 - Monday, January 7th, 2012
Posted on Jan 7, 2013 03:00pm

Victor confronts Adam about the prostitute that was found dead in an alley. Adam asks Victor if hired her and called the press. Later, Adam informs Chelsea they can leave Genoa City after he takes care of a few things at Newman. When Adam offers Sharon a position at the company, Sharon wonders what will happen if Victor takes control. Later, Billy shocks Adam and says that they’re going to be partners at Newman Enterprises.

At the Athletic Club, Victoria reveals to Nikki that Adam is taking over at Newman while Jack is on leave. Victoria informs Victor that she will help him fight for Newman.

Noah is startled to find Adriana at the tack house. Adriana reveals she found the money behind a panel in her apartment. Noah informs her that the money is gone. Noah agrees to give her a place to stay. They hide when Nick returns. He finds Adriana’s broken bracelet on the floor. Later, Sharon informs Nick that she is going to take a job at Newman.

Neil and Leslie discuss trying to keep their personal relationship out of the workplace. Leslie expresses her doubts and Neil realizes that she’s speaking from past experience.

Lily informs Tyler that she’s sorry it didn’t work out for him at Jabot. Later, Lily asks Cane to rehire Tyler. Cane agrees and in return he asks Lily to convince Neil to take the COO position.

Phyllis tries to get Jack to be honest with her and he admits he’s having a hard time. When Jack realizes that he forgot Kyle’s birthday, he gives him a compass that belonged to his grandfather. Billy informs Jack he’s going back to Newman to watch Adam. Later, Jack and Phyllis worry when they learn that his doctor won’t be able to make it to the cabin until the next day.