Episode 10072 - Thursday, January 10th, 2013
Posted on Jan 10, 2013 03:00pm

Nikki overhears Victor inform the investigator he is going to expose Jack when he comes back to town. When the investigator exits, Victor reveals to Nikki that he’s going to expose to the press that Jack is hooked on painkillers.

Adam and Chelsea discuss leaving town and selling the house. At the GCAC, Victor informs Adam to come forward with what he knows about Jack. When Adam asks Victor if he hired Stephanie, Victor denies it.

An exhausted Phyllis tries to cope as Jack goes through withdrawal. When Phyllis leaves to buy food, Jack calls Adam. Adam informs Jack he tried to get Victor to admit he hired Stephanie, but wasn’t successful. When Phyllis returns, she informs Jack he has to put business out of his mind if he wants to get better.

Alex informs Kevin he got a call from a number that belongs to a guy who launders money. Alex warns Kevin and Chloe to think about what they’re getting into. Chloe worries that Alex knows they stole the money. Chloe fills Chelsea in on the money situation. Later, Chloe informs Kevin they can take out a business loan and pay back the loan using the stolen money.

Noah scolds Adriana for sending him the money. Noah informs Adriana she needs to forget about the money and him. Adriana informs Noah she’s never been with a guy like him and that the money was her chance to start over.