Episode 10073 - Friday, January 11th, 2013
Posted on Jan 11, 2013 03:00pm

Avery helps Nick deal with last minute red tape at his new club, The Underground. Nick thanks Avery for her help as they share a romantic dance.

Congressman Wheeler learns that Victor’s investigator saw Jack leave the Athletic Club with Stephanie on New Year’s Eve. Victor learns that Jack asked Billy to be co-CEO with Adam. When Victoria informs Victor that Billy is serious about helping them, Victor says that he doesn’t need Billy’s help.

Sharon promises Adam that she’ll keep an eye on Billy. Chelsea stops by and watches Adam and Sharon as they work together. Later, Adam informs Chelsea he can’t leave town because there’s a crisis at the office. Adam asks for two more weeks and Chelsea becomes upset.

When Leslie reminds Neil how she feels about dating in the workplace, Neil maintains that he’s up for the challenge. Later, Leslie fantasizes about Neil.

Tyler asks Devon if everything is okay with Lily because he saw her hugging a guy at Crimson Lights. Devon explains that Lily was saying goodbye to Daniel. Tyler asks Lily if she has time to give her opinion on his ideas. Later, Neil and Cane disagree over terms on a project; Lily asks them to battle things out and call her when they decide what to do. Devon receives a packet of VIP passes for Nick’s club opening. Tyler picks up a VIP pass when he learns Cane will be out of town and Lily is going to the opening.