Episode 10074 - Monday, January 14th, 2012
Posted on Jan 14, 2013 03:00pm

Tucker realizes that Devon isn’t happy at his new job. He offers Devon a job in one of his music divisions, but Devon turns it down. Devon meets with Katherine and informs her about Tucker’s offer. Later, Katherine confronts Tucker.

Victoria and Billy agree to take the night off from work and enjoy themselves at Nick’s club opening.

Noah tries to make Adriana understand she can’t come to the opening or be seen with him. Later, Noah lays into Adriana about showing up when he asked her not to, she pulls him into a kiss.

At The Underground, Avery assures Nick that everything will be fine at his opening. Victoria congratulates Nick as they talk about Adam and Chelsea leaving town. Tyler offers to buy Roxanne and Lily a drink. Tyler gives Nick his card and asks to help promote the club. Later, Nick goes home to check on Summer who is sick. Avery offers to stay with Faith if he needs help.

At the Abbott cabin, Jack lashes out at Phyllis. Phyllis assures Jack that Victor doesn’t know anything about this situation. Phyllis asks Jack about Stephanie. They are interrupted by Nick’s call about Summer being sick. Jack assures Phyllis that he’ll be fine if she needs to go see Summer. Meanwhile, someone lurks outside looking at Jack.