Episode 10075 - Tuesday, January 15th, 2013
Posted on Jan 15, 2013 03:00pm

Victor and Victoria discuss their plans to regain control of Newman Enterprises. When Victor sees Chelsea, he realizes that Adam hasn’t left town.

Adam informs Billy that Chelsea and him have delayed their plans and that they’ll have to work together. When Sharon arrives, Billy informs her that her position is probationary. Billy and Adam are impressed when Sharon offers feedback on some of the projects they’ve been debating. Victor arrives and confronts Billy about working with Sharon. As Victor leaves, he makes plans with Mason to meet for drinks.

Phyllis arrives at the tack house to check on Summer. Phyllis catches Nick and Avery in a close moment, but goes back upstairs unseen. When Avery goes to the club, Nick informs Phyllis that their divorce is final. Meanwhile, Avery hires Tyler to help create a marketing plan for The Underground.

Paul informs Michael and Lauren that he can’t find Jamie. Lauren and Michael try and talk to a defensive Fen about Jamie’s absence. Meanwhile, Jamie gets a text saying to stay gone. At Crimson Lights, Fen informs Kevin that his parents care more about Jamie than they do him. Later, Lauren and Michael are thrilled when Jamie arrives. Michael speaks to the judge and learns that Jamie can stay with them.

At the Abbott Cabin, Jack continues to go through withdrawal and searches online for information about Stephanie. Jack is haunted by John’s words that he did nothing to help Stephanie. Jack hears something outside and finds Victor’s investigator. Jack fears that Victor is going to expose everything.