Episode 10076 - Wednesday, January 16th, 2013
Posted on Jan 16, 2013 03:00pm

At the Athletic Club, Victor meets with Mason to discuss information about Jack. Sarge looks on as Mason offers to help Victor get Newman back in exchange for a better job. Sarge reminds Mason that he got hired because of Jack and that he can’t betray him. Back at Newman Enterprises, Victor surprises Mason as he prepares for a press conference.

Jack reluctantly reveals the details of Stephanie’s death to Phyllis. Jack informs Phyllis that Victor hired Stephanie to seduce him. Jack explains that he didn’t know she was a hooker or a congressman’s daughter.

At the Athletic Club, Adriana shows up to see Noah. Noah reminds her that they didn’t work because she cheated on him. Later, Adriana shows up at the tack house and begins to seduce Noah as they kiss passionately. After they sleep together, Noah questions Adriana about a bank statement. Noah asks her to leave. Adriana receives a text from Alex informing her that her time is up.

Tyler overhears Lily prepare a romantic surprise for Cane. At Jabot, Cane walks in as Leslie and Neil almost kiss. Tyler and Leslie discuss the risks of getting romantically involved with someone. Neil asks Leslie about the tense conversation she was having with Tyler. Leslie kisses Neil. Meanwhile, Lily leaves clues around town for Cane and they go to a hotel to make love. Later, Tyler runs into Cane and Lily at the reception area and teases them about their “lunch."