Episode 10077 - Thursday, January 17th, 2013
Posted on Jan 17, 2013 03:00pm

Victoria and Billy discuss Adam staying longer than they expected at Newman. They discuss how to convince Chelsea to get Adam to go to Paris with her.

Nikki arrives at the press conference and takes Victor aside. They argue as Billy arrives and threatens to sell off Newman’s assets. Victor informs Billy that Jack must step down or he’ll reveal everything about his addiction to the media.

At the Abbott mansion, Adam asks Phyllis why she let Jack come back to Genoa City. Jack informs Adam that he insisted on returning and that he is committed to getting well. When Jack reveals that he wants to turn himself in, Adam and Phyllis ask Jack to rethink his decision.

Michael and Lauren question Jamie about some of Lauren’s missing things. Jamie suspects that Fen has set him up and leaves. At Crimson Lights, Fen informs Paul that his talk with Kevin made him feel better and that he thinks Jamie will be gone soon. Paul’s antenna goes up and he asks Fen about Summer and Brittni. Later, Paul informs Michael about his conversation with Fen.

On the rooftop, Jamie finds Lauren’s things in his backpack. Fen snaps a picture of him and Jamie realizes that Fen set him up. Later, Paul arrives to look for Jamie and he finds him unconscious over the ledge of the building.

Murphy and Katherine enjoy dinner at the Athletic Club until Tucker shows up. Murphy asks Tucker to leave as he starts choking. Tucker jumps in and gives Murphy the Heimlich. Later, Katherine and Tucker discuss forgiveness and share a nice moment together.