Episode 10078 - Friday, January 18th, 2013
Posted on Jan 18, 2013 03:00pm

Victor continues to pressure Billy to get Jack to turn over control of Newman Enterprises. Billy doesn’t trust Victor and worries that he’ll expose Jack regardless of what he does. Victor maintains that he has no intentions of going back on his deal.

When Phyllis and Adam insist that Jack call his lawyer, Jack refuses and explains all of the details of Stephanie’s death to Michael. Before Michael can offer any advice he takes a call from Lauren who informs him that Jamie is in the hospital.

Michael warns Jack not to go to the police. When Billy arrives, he reveals Victor’s plot. Adam, Phyllis and Billy try their best to persuade Jack not to turn himself in. Jack is moved by the support, but intends to turn himself in and step down at Newman Enterprises.

At the hospital, Paul informs Lauren that Jamie is still unconscious. When Michael arrives, Paul explains how he found Jamie on the roof. Michael asks Paul if he thinks that Fen knew that Jamie was back on the roof. Fen shows up claiming that he didn’t answer his phone because he was watching a movie. Fen storms off when Michael asks him if he set Jamie up.

Tucker and Katherine discuss how scared she was when Murphy was choking. Tucker asks Victor to join him and Katherine for dinner. Tucker informs Victor that he wants to give a sizeable portion of his Newman stock to him. Katherine and Tucker share a sweet moment together as she heads home.

Congressman Wheeler informs Victor that he wants Stephanie’s death out of the press. Wheeler informs Victor that there will be other ways to deal with Jack.