Episode 10079 - Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013
Posted on Jan 22, 2013 03:00pm

Sharon questions Noah about Adriana. He opens up, but doesn’t go into details about the stolen money. Sharon tries to reassure him as he struggles to make sense of his feelings.

At the Coffeehouse, Kevin and Chloe revel in their newfound fortune. Meanwhile, Adriana dodges Alex’s questions. Adriana watches as Alex questions Chloe and Kevin. Later, Kevin gets suspicious as Adriana starts asking Eden how the coffee house makes money. Noah finally informs Alex that Adriana sent him the money. Adriana comes to see Noah and informs him she knows who has the money.

At Jabot, Devon informs Tyler that Lily is home with one of twins. Tyler admires that Lily is a great mom, but then reacts weirdly when Devon jokingly calls him a mama’s boy. Leslie overhears and explains that their mom passed away. Later, Leslie informs Tyler that they need to be careful. When Neil calls out Devon on his lack of enthusiasm, Devon brushes it off saying he will settle in eventually.

Adam informs Chelsea that he wants them to move to Paris, but that he needs to find someone capable to replace him at Newman Enterprises. When Chelsea says that she will never come first to him, Adam insists that he loves her. Chelsea informs Adam he can’t have both her and Newman Enterprises.