Episode 10081 - Thursday, January 24th, 2013
Posted on Jan 24, 2013 03:00pm

Phyllis informs Jack that they need to take things slow since she is going through a divorce and he is focusing on his recovery. Phyllis runs into Avery and she admits that she hates that Nick and Avery are together. Avery asks Phyllis to forgive her. Later, Phyllis signs the divorce papers and decides to ask Jack to be her guest at Nick’s opening.

At The Underground, Nick and Noah prepare for their reopening. Noah informs Nick about his challenges dealing with Adriana and the stolen money. Later, Avery informs Nick that she regrets hurting her sister by being with him.

Lily compliments Tyler’s work for the reopening of The Underground. Tyler comments on Lily’s ability to balance work and parenting and she asks about his mother. Devon informs everyone that Jack has stepped down from Newman Enterprises. Jack apologizes to Neil for how he treated him and he wants to create a fashion division that Neil would be in charge of. Later, Jack informs Kyle he also wants him to join him back at Jabot.

Adam tries to convince Tucker to get the Newman board to oust Billy and block Victor’s return. Adam reveals to Jack that he and Chelsea are no longer together. Later, Tucker runs into Devon and they discuss a new opportunity at McCall. Devon considers the offer. Meanwhile, Leslie dodges some of Neil’s questions about her upbringing. Devon arrives and informs Neil about Tucker’s job offer.