Episode 10084 - Tuesday, January 29th, 2013
Posted on Jan 29, 2013 03:00pm

Adriana asks Noah to help her investigate Kevin and Chloe and the missing money. Noah informs her they need to give the money back to the police. When Noah gets a call from Alex, Noah lies and says he hasn’t seen Adriana.

Kevin suggests to Chloe that they can use the stolen money to pay off their loan. Gloria arrives and informs Chloe that she wants to be a part of her fashion business. Meanwhile, Adriana questions Eden about where Kevin and Chloe live. Later, Chloe informs Kevin that the bag of money is gone.

At the Underground, Sharon and Nick discuss Noah and Adriana’s relationship. When their discussion turns to Adam, Sharon informs Nick he doesn’t understand Adam. Later, Adriana informs Noah she got the money back.

Adam tries to reach out to Victor and have a discussion as father and son. Their conversation gets heated. Later, Adam informs Sharon that he is going to fight and win. Mason watches as they hug.

At the Chancellor mansion, Cane asks Katherine if she forgot about their meeting. Cane leaves as Tucker informs Kay that he’s leaving Genoa City. She wishes him well as they share a heartfelt goodbye.