Episode 10085 - Wednesday, January 30th, 2013
Posted on Jan 30, 2013 03:00pm

As they discuss the upcoming wedding, Victoria asks why Nikki seems so distracted. When Victoria informs Nikki that everything will be fine, Nikki says there are no guarantees in life.

At the Coffeehouse, Dylan introduces himself to Sharon as Mac. At the office, Sharon arrives to find Adam worked all night and slept in the office. Sharon meets with her doctor and they discuss her complicated relationship with Adam. Adam dreams about Chelsea and Sharon.

When Victor goes to the Underground to see Avery, Nick informs him that she’s out of town working on a case. Victor asks about Avery’s travels and Nick questions why he is so curious. Dylan arrives and introduces himself to Nick. Nick likes the drink that Dylan makes and hires him. Avery surprises Nick and comes home early. Later, Dylan sits in his hotel as he looks at a picture of Avery.

Billy shows Chelsea around the old Restless Style office as they discuss their complicated history. Billy convinces Chelsea to show him her sketches. Billy agrees to give her the office. Chelsea goes to see Adam to get a check for the down payment. Meanwhile, Billy informs an uneasy Victoria that Chelsea will be taking the magazine office.

Nikki reads a letter from a doctor as Victor comes up and kisses her. Nikki informs Victor that they need to postpone the wedding since she doesn’t have enough time to get everything together. When he tries to say he can get it done, she interjects and asks for more time to make things perfect.