Episode 10086 - Thursday, January 31st, 2013
Posted on Jan 31, 2013 03:00pm

At the Underground, Nick and Avery toast to the opening being a big success. Avery is curious when Nick informs her Victor wanted to talk to her about her case. Later, Dylan gets to know Nick as he helps him prepare for the opening. Avery just misses Dylan who later spots Nick and her kissing.

Chelsea runs into Alex at the Athletic Club. They flirt with each other and he offers to buy her a drink, but she declines. Meanwhile, Kevin informs Chloe that he can’t find the missing money. After talking with Eden, Kevin and Chloe realize that Adriana stole the money. Later, Gloria arrives to join in Chelsea and Chloe’s new fashion venture with Chloe. When Gloria leaves, Chloe informs Chelsea that her plan to launder money blew up in her face.

Noah informs Adriana that he can’t leave town with her yet because of the club opening. Noah manages to convince Adriana to let him take the money to the bank, until they are ready to run off together. Noah calls Alex to meet him, but is torn about turning in Adriana.

Jack hears John ask him to bring the Abbott family back together. Kyle is happy that Jack wants Billy to join them at Jabot. Jack gathers his staff and informs them about his plans to expand Jabot. Billy shows Jack some of Chelsea’s designs.

Congressman Wheeler calls Victor and threatens to expose him for hiring Stephanie if he doesn’t get Avery to back off the case she is working on. When Victor questions Avery about her work with the Innocence Foundation, he figures out that Congressman Wheeler is hiding something. Later, Tyler and Congressman Wheeler run into each other at the Athletic Club.