Episode 10087 - Friday, February 1st, 2013
Posted on Feb 1, 2013 03:00pm

Cane informs Lily he will delay his meeting with Chelsea and Chloe so she can help Tyler with the new fragrance campaign. When Lily and Tyler get stuck in the elevator, Lily learns that Tyler is claustrophobic. The elevator finally starts working again and Tyler is grateful that Lily was able to get him through it.

Leslie and Neil discuss Jack’s return to Jabot. Neil asks if Leslie is keeping something from him. Leslie informs Neil about a painful part of her upbringing. Leslie informs him she doesn’t want to have any secrets with him and they spend the night together.

Chelsea sets up shop in her new office as Cane arrives and they talk about how she learned to design. Cane explains that she would be great for Jabot now that they’re expanding into fashion. Anita watches as Chelsea admires Cane. Anita does her best to try and convince Chelsea that having a hot affair with Cane would be the best revenge on Adam and make her feel better.

Michael, Lauren, and Fen have a tense argument about Fen’s role in Jamie’s accident. Meanwhile, Summer tries to get Fen to open up. While Jamie talks with Paul, Summer interrupts and apologizes to Jamie for how she treated him. Lauren demands Jamie stop lying about the accident. Paul tries to intervene when Jamie runs off. Struggling with the thoughts the Fen may have harmed Jaime, Paul tries to console Lauren. Later, Jamie informs Michael and Lauren that he wants to press charges against Fen.