Episode 10088 - Monday, February 4th, 2013
Posted on Feb 4, 2013 03:00pm

Congressman Wheeler knocks on Avery’s door wanting to talk. Wheeler offers to help Avery with her Innocence Foundation case. Avery tries to inform him that she can’t share information with a third party, but he declares that he is already involved.
At Jabot, Neil and Leslie flirt as they discuss going to the club opening. After Neil leaves, Leslie is startled to run into Congressman Wheeler. Wheeler asks about Jack and Leslie informs him he’s gone as she hurries off.
Alex informs Noah he will arrest him for obstruction if he withholds evidence. Adriana comes out of hiding as Noah gives her the money and demands she leave. At the Athletic Club, Alex confronts Adriana as she prepares to skip town.
Sharon convinces Adam to accompany her to the opening of The Underground. At the club, Nick introduces Dylan to Victoria. When Nick sets his phone down on the bar, Dylan glances to see a text from Avery. Avery arrives and shares a kiss with Nick as Dylan watches. Avery is thrown when she sees the stone on the bar that Dylan left behind. Later, Avery comes face to face with Dylan.
Cane runs into Chelsea while he waits for his take out. When Neil arrives, Cane talks up Chelsea’s designs. While Chelsea excuses herself, Neil lays into Cane about how he should have consulted him before approaching Chelsea about her designs. Later, Chelsea sees Sharon and Adam arrive together.