Episode 10089 - Tuesday, February 5, 2013
Posted on Feb 5, 2013 03:00pm

At the Underground, Avery is shocked to see Dylan. Dylan offers to explain as Nick interrupts and happily introduces Mac as his new bartender. Dylan watches them chat with a reporter and take publicity photos.

Leslie pulls Tyler aside to inform him about her encounter with Wheeler, but Tyler is more worried about the case Avery is working on for the Innocence Foundation.

An emotional Avery confronts Dylan, but Leslie interrupts them to ask about Avery’s case. As the guests leave, Nick thanks Avery again and kisses her. Dylan watches as a shaken Avery leaves with Nick. Back at her apartment, Avery finally admits to a concerned Nick that she isn’t feeling well and just needs a good night sleep.

Victor informs Nikki that he wants to get married right away. Nikki wants to wait until the new ranch house is finished. Victoria arrives and she assures Victor that she is still going to get Adam out of Newman Enterprises.

Lauren and Michael argue over Jamie’s accusations against Fen. Fen comes home and doesn’t understand why anyone would believe Jamie over him. Fen asks Michael if he would actually put him in jail.