Episode 10090 - Wednesday, February 6, 2013
Posted on Feb 6, 2013 03:00pm

Avery lays into Dylan about letting her believe he was dead. He tries to comfort her and says he didn’t do this to hurt her. Dylan asks her if she loves Nick now. Avery gets overwhelmed and she runs out. Later, Avery informs Nick that the man she had an affair with is alive.

Phyllis offers to take Jack out to celebrate his sobriety. Jack informs Neil that Jabot officially has a fashion division and Neil is in charge. Jack is shocked as Kieran shows up with some pills.

Lily listens as Cane shares his feelings about working with Neil. When the discussion turns to Tyler, Lily insists that Tyler doesn’t have a crush on her. Later, Cane overhears Chelsea giving a passionate speech to Gloria about what she wants her clothing line to represent. Adam stops by and interrupts Cane and Chelsea’s discussion.

Noah is shocked to find out that Alex is Adriana’s brother. Noah says he doesn’t know where Adriana is. Later, Noah spills everything to Nick, who advises his son to let Adriana go. Meanwhile, Chloe is shocked to hear of Kevin’s risky ideas to obtain money.

Sharon and Adam start to realize how close they are becoming as they work together.  When Sharon leaves, Adam takes his framed photo of Chelsea and puts it in a drawer. Sharon reminds Adam that their time together was not healthy and they can’t go back to that. Adam asks Sharon to dinner as friends.