Episode 10091 - Thursday, February 7, 2013
Posted on Feb 7, 2013 03:00pm

Neil informs Katherine about the Jabot fashion division. Neil and Katherine talk about how Leslie is good for him. Later, Esther worries that Katherine is working too hard.

Michael and Lauren continue to argue over Fen’s innocence. Their fighting is interrupted by Paul and a detective bringing Jamie over for his statement. Michael asks Lauren to
leave when she accuses Jamie of lying.

Phyllis walks in on Jack as he stares at a package of pills. Phyllis believes Jack when he explains that the dealer came in and left the pills with him. Lauren arrives for a meeting
as Jack shares his new plans for Jabot. Later, Lauren informs Phyllis about her problems with Michael. Katherine overhears their discussion and informs Lauren that Michael
may have no choice but to prosecute Fen.

Neil informs Jack he really appreciates letting him head up the new division. Jack asks Neil to be his sponsor. Jack and Phyllis share an intimate moment as he tests out the new
Jabot perfume on her.

Fen informs Kevin about the part he played in bullying Jamie. Fen realizes Jamie might have jumped because of his bullying. Lauren begs Jamie to confess the truth. Paul and
Jamie leave as the detective puts the cuffs on Fen.