Episode 10092 - Friday, February 08, 2013
Posted on Feb 8, 2013 03:00pm

When Avery is late to meet Sharon and Adam, Sharon leaves to go track her down. Jack thanks Adam for everything he has done and warns him that when things are quiet with
Victor it usually means he is up to something.

Avery confides in Sharon about her past with Dylan. When Sharon asks Avery if she loves Dylan or Nick, Avery says she doesn’t know if she can choose. Meanwhile, Dylan tries to explain himself to Nick. When Dylan leaves, Nick informs Avery that Dylan is still in love with her. Later, Avery informs Nick she has to go out of town for her case with the Innocence Foundation.

Sharon runs into Dylan and realizes he is the man Avery was talking about. Sharon decides she doesn’t feel like going out to dinner later and agrees to have dinner with Adam at his house.

Mason hesitates to go along with Victor’s plan for him to replace Sharon’s medication. Victor promises it won’t go too far and he offers Mason a bonus when he becomes CEO again. Later, Victor gets a call from Nikki’s doctor.

Jack informs Phyllis he asked Neil to be his sponsor. Jack and Phyllis agree that they are both happy to be back in each other’s lives.