Episode 10096 - Thursday, February 14th, 2013
Posted on Feb 14, 2013 03:00pm

Cane finds Lily at the office and tells her about their Valentine’s plans. Cane realizes that Tyler told Lily about his meeting with Chelsea. Tyler interrupts and says he and Lily need to finish the marketing report for Neil. Lily tells Cane she will meet him at the club. Later, Lily agrees to drive Tyler to the club after his car dies.

Chloe watches as Chelsea struggles with nausea. Gloria asks if Chelsea has the flu. Once Gloria leaves, Chloe realizes that Chelsea is pregnant.

Leslie meets Neil for dinner. She is touched when he gives her a necklace. Leslie gets nervous when she spots Congressman Wheeler enter the room. Leslie approach Wheeler and says it almost feels like he is following her. Victor sees them talking and asks Leslie how she knows Wheeler and why he calls her Valerie.

Phyllis and Summer have a heart to heart and Phyllis tells her that nothing will change the way she feels about her.

Victor calls Nikki and tells her not to drive in the storm. Nikki ends up at Jack’s house after her car skidded nearby. Jack helps her in and calls a tow truck. After some nudging from Jack, Nikki admits her diagnosis to him.