Episode 10097 - Friday, February 15th, 2013
Posted on Feb 15, 2013 03:00pm

Sharon goes to Adam’s just as the power goes out from the storm. They talk about just being friends and wish each other a happy Valentine’s Day. They exchange Valentine’s and reminisce about New Orleans. Meanwhile, Chelsea decides to take a pregnancy test.

At The Underground, Nick spots a drunk guy sitting in Avery’s booth. Nick goes to have him move and the guy says Avery must be pretty amazing to have her own reserved table. Nick leaves determined to tell Avery how he feels.

Dylan shows up at Avery’s and wants to know if they have a chance to be together. The power goes out and Dylan brings in a battery operated radio from his car and they learn that the roads are closed. They reminisce about times they have spent together.

Lauren stops by the Athletic Club bar and finds Carmine there. She tells him the charges against Fen were dropped, but things are still a mess with her family. Carmine asks her to have dinner with him.

Kevin and Fen come to the apartment to pick up more of his stuff. Michael tries to get Fen to talk to him now that the charges have been dropped. Michael overhears Fen to Kevin that he hates his dad.

Jack asks Nikki why she hasn’t told Victor about her diagnosis. Nikki explains to Jack what she knows so far about her illness. Later, Jack persuades Phyllis to dance with him.