Episode 10098 - Monday, February 18th, 2013
Posted on Feb 18, 2013 03:00pm

During the snow storm, Victoria asks Billy to help her pick out paint colors to update their house. They get into a paint fight as they redecorate their living room.

When Katherine’s car gets stuck in a snow bank, Adriana arrives and offers to drive her home. At The Underground, Alex and Abby get to know each other. Later, Alex tells Adriana that he lost his job because of her.

Kevin tells Fen that he has to give Michael another chance. When Lauren comes home, Michael tries to also express his concern but Lauren won’t speak to him. Lauren tells Michael she doesn’t know if he can make things better between them.

Cane checks on Chelsea’s progress with the fashion line and notices that she has been crying. Chelsea says she is just sad to be alone on Valentine’s Day. Meanwhile, Lily’s car battery dies. When Lily starts to panic about not being able to call and check on the twins, Tyler tries to calm her down. Later, Cane finds Lily and Tyler snuggled up together in the car. When they go home, Cane and Lily get into an argument when he questions her loyalty.

Sharon and Adam decide to slow things down. Chelsea tells Adam she has something important to share with him but leaves when she sees Sharon at the house with him. Sharon leaves shortly after having a tense conversation with Adam.

Avery tells Dylan the kiss they shared made her realize what they had is over and that she wants to move on. Dylan says Nick is a lucky guy as she kisses him goodbye. Later, Avery goes to see Nick as Dylan prepares to head out of town. Meanwhile, while driving, Sharon hits a patch of ice and unknowingly forces Dylan’s car off the road.