Episode 10102 - Friday, February 22nd, 2013
Posted on Feb 22, 2013 03:00pm

When Phyllis admits that she worries about getting back into a relationship with Jack, he turns on the charm to reassure her.

Michael tries to apologize to Lauren and Fen. Paul brings Jamie over to say goodbye since Jamie will be living with Ronan in DC. Jamie thanks Lauren and Michael and apologizes for all the trouble he caused. Michael reminds Jamie and Fen that everyone makes mistakes.

Fen lashes out at Summer for betraying his confidence and telling Phyllis that he was going to run away. When Jamie tells Summer that he is leaving town, Summer tells him she wishes she could take everything back and that she wishes him the best. After a conversation with Nick, Summer tells Kyle her dad thinks he is too old for her. Kyle doesn’t think the age difference matters since they are just friends. Jamie and Paul share a heartfelt moment when Paul tells him he is proud of him for turning his life around.

When Nikki tells Nick and Victoria that she is sick, they assure her that the family will help her through this. Victor gets a call and tells Nikki that the new ranch house will be ready soon.

Victoria arrives home to find a romantic setup that Billy created for them. Billy gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him again. They recite their vows to each other and Billy surprises Victoria with real wedding rings.