Episode 10104 - Tuesday, February 26th, 2013
Posted on Feb 26, 2013 03:00pm

Michael leaves Lauren a voicemail telling her that he loves her and wants to fix everything. Meanwhile, Christine tells Paul that she is filing a civil suit against Phyllis. Michael offers Christine his job as District Attorney. Later, Alex asks Michael for a job. Kevin tells Fen to go home and work things out with his parents. Christine goes to see Fen and reveals the truth about her past with Michael. Later, Christine tells Paul that she still intends to make Phyllis pay.

At the Athletic Club, Carmine offers Lauren a glass of wine. When she finishes her meal, Carmine realizes that Lauren has a room at the club. Abby arrives and tries to chat up Carmine. When Abby asks if something is going on between Carmine and Lauren, he denies it. Later, Abby flirts with Alex in front of Carmine.

Alex tells Adriana he tried to keep her out of jail and was fired for his efforts. Meanwhile, Jill tells Katherine that she thinks Adriana is a con artist who is up to no good. Jill accuses Adriana of taking her watch. Later, Kevin tells Chloe that Adriana could easily walk away with anything from Katherine’s house.

Phyllis tells Jack about her fight with Avery. Jack reassures Phyllis that he trusts her and is grateful that she stood by him when he was at his lowest point. Jack tells her he wants to take care of her and protect her the way she did for him.