Episode 10105 - Wednesday, February 27th, 2013
Posted on Feb 27, 2013 03:00pm

Dylan tells Sharon that his father has been sick. Noah arrives after Sharon tells Dylan about Cassie. Noah asks when the repairs will be done at the house so Dylan can leave. Later, Nick is surprised to hear that Faith asked Sharon and Dylan to take her on a hike.

Leslie asks Avery for information about the case she is working on for the Innocence Foundation. Congressman Wheeler overhears Avery clearing her calendar and asks her if there is a new development in the case she’s working on. Avery reminds Wheeler that she cannot give him any information about the case, no matter what he is asking. Later, Leslie tells Neil that it’s time she told him everything.

Victor takes a delighted Nikki to see the new ranch house for the first time. Nick, Abby, Kyle, Summer, Billy, and Victoria arrive to celebrate with them. Noah arrives and is surprised to find that Adriana followed him there. Adriana introduces herself and tells everyone that she works for Katherine. Victor toasts their new home and family. Nikki plays the piano as the family places personal mementos around her.

Neil asks Jack if he’s been tempted to use again. Jack tells Neil that he’s been doing well because of Phyllis. Neil tells Jack to call him if he needs anything. Later, Jack and Abby try to warn Kyle that Summer has a major crush on him.