Episode 10107 - Friday, March 1st, 2013
Posted on Mar 1, 2013 03:00pm

Nick tries to convince Avery not to go to Milwaukee to work on her case. Sharon calls and tells them that Faith has gone missing while she was on a hike with Dylan. Nick reassures Sharon as Dylan finds Faith passed out in the snow.

Michael is surprised when Fen comes home. Michael tells Fen he resigned as DA. Meanwhile at the Athletic Club, Lauren has a fantasy about being with Carmine. She goes downstairs and he pours her a drink as he does card tricks for her. Michael takes Fen’s advice and leaves Lauren a message as Lauren opens her door to Carmine as he pulls her into a passionate kiss.

Cane encourages Chelsea to stay in town and to focus on their new fashion division at Jabot. Tyler overhears their discussion as Cane convinces Chelsea to take advantage of this opportunity at Jabot. Tyler stops by Cane and Lily’s house with a budget he needs Lily to sign and finds that she’s prepared a romantic evening for her and Cane. A frustrated Lily says that if Cane is working late then she will too. Cane comes home and finds Lily and Tyler working together.