Episode 10108 - Monday, March 4th, 2013
Posted on Mar 4, 2013 03:00pm

Carmine assures Lauren that their involvement will stay a secret. Fen surprises Lauren at her suite and lets her know that he and Michael have worked things out. When Lauren runs into Phyllis and asks for advice, Phyllis tells Lauren that she and Michael can overcome anything. Later, Abby presses Carmine for the name of his mystery woman.

Michael confides in Paul that even though divorce hasn’t been mentioned, Lauren still won’t come home. Paul assures him that Lauren loves him and they can fix this.

Billy warns Phyllis not to hurt Jack again. Phyllis tells Jack she understands why his brother worries about their future. Abby fills them both in on Summer’s growing crush on Kyle. Kyle fends off Abby’s warnings about Summer and explains they’re just friends. Kyle later realizes Abby might be right. Summer asks Jack for an internship. Kyle doesn’t think it’s a good idea but Jack thinks he can guide her like a big brother.

Billy nurses Victoria back to health after she comes down with the flu.

Lily and Cane make up after fighting about Chelsea and Tyler.