Episode 10166 - Monday, May 27th, 2013
Posted on May 27, 2013 03:00pm

Billy tells Victoria that he doesn’t want to have a baby if she only sees it as a way to one-up Adam. Billy encourages Victoria to relax and try to focus on being happy away from Newman Enterprises.

With the deal being closed for the Newman buy back, Victor asks Adam and Victoria to stop quarreling. When they can’t seem to reach an agreement, Victoria decides to leave the company.

Chloe considers selling Crimson Lights to Dylan. When she fails to tell Kevin, he gets upset and demands answers.

Phyllis tells Nick that the best way to get through to Summer is by telling her the truth about Cassie’s death. Phyllis believes that Summer needs to know how losing Cassie affected her friends and family. When Dylan runs into Billy at the gym, he tells him that he’s buying his own business and won’t be available to work at On the Blvd.

When the fortune teller stops by Crimson Lights, she tells Chelsea that the father of her baby wants to be a part of it’s life. Meanwhile, Adam goes to the gym and finds Billy, Nick, and Dylan working out.