Episode 10184 - Friday, June 21st, 2013
Posted on Jun 21, 2013 03:00pm

Adam flirts with Melanie until he is distracted by Chelsea. Melanie compliments Chelsea on her designs, and congratulates her on the baby. Chelsea leaves, and Adam informs Melanie that Chelsea is his ex-wife.

Billy brings Victoria to see Adam so he can confirm that he’s been gambling. Billy’s plan backfires, as Adam says Billy must have really screwed up if he was willing to use gambling as an excuse.

Chelsea arrives at Dylan’s and notices a freshly painted wall this is slightly obscured by a sheet. Dylan distracts her and says she can see what it is after dinner. After dinner, Dylan pulls down the sheet to reveals a surprise for Chelsea.

Leslie and Neil inform Avery that Gus left half of his estate to his children and the other half to Rose Turner. Leslie finds a photo of Rose in Gus’s safe deposit box. Leslie thinks Neil should respond to the blogger with a mention of Rose.

Lauren and Michael’s date is interrupted by the waiter bringing over a bottle of Champagne. Michael believes that Carmine ordered the bottle.