Episode 10189 - Friday, June 25th, 2013
Posted on Jun 28, 2013 03:00pm

Billy confides in Jack about his gambling. Jack assures him that he will always be there for him.

Abby tells Victoria that she hopes she can work things out with Billy. Later, Billy comes to the magazine office to return a doll that Delia left behind. Chloe tells him that she has made a lot of bad decisions, but choosing him to be Delia’s dad was a good one.

Adam and Melanie continue to flirt, and eventually make love. Adam tells Melanie that it was his idea to privatize Newman. Melanie doesn’t think it will be long before Victor is working for Adam. Adam heads to the shower and overhears Melanie make an important phone call.

Dylan asks Chelsea to move in with him. Chelsea admits to Chloe that she hates that the best relationship she has ever had is based on a lie. Meanwhile, Dylan reunites with his old friend Stitch.

Phyllis succeeds in keeping Kyle and Summer apart by asking them to help her plan Jack’s surprise party.